My Journey from EBM to Board

Lead The Board Graduate Phil Gayle

Read here how Lead The Board graduate Phil Gayle made the move from completing the Programme to being appointed as an Associate Non-Executive Director on a Hospital Trust Board. 


I had the pleasure of attending the EBM Programme facilitated by Karl George MBE. As someone who is a CEO, has had a career and built up experience and knowledge at a senior executive level, the opportunity to learn more about this was too good to miss. It is a very useful Programme for businesses and organisations that are looking at implementing board structure and responsibilities and for those wishing to secure a NED position.

Karl’s experience and expertise shone through on each of the programme days beginning with the roles, responsibilities, the legal aspects, and the liabilities; all explained with examples of good and bad governance and the related experiences learned. He leads the various sessions in a clear, concise and helpful manner. Programme content included real life case studies spanning several years within Karl’s career as a NED. This stimulated some interesting discussions where questions were posed and answered. The structure of each session was excellent and of a high standard, culminating in the skillset needed to be an effective NED with the possibility of securing a NED position.

After completing the EBM Programme I was offered interviews with two NHS acute boards, of which I successfully secured the position of Associate Non-Executive Director for a West Midlands hospital trust board. As well as meeting interesting colleagues, this Programme is a great way to understand compliance, personal capabilities and skills needed to fulfil a NED role.


Philip Gayle, CEO

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