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The main sponsors are The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), The Football Association (FA) together with The Professional Cricketers Association (PCA). By working with the governance forum, they are providing a unique opportunity for current and ex-players to broaden their experience, which is crucial to equipping them with skills to further their career after playing.

This programme will also help boards to benefit from the ambassadorial experience that players have that is lacking on boards of all persuasions.

The programme, an initiative originally developed by a steering group comprising of ex-players and those passionate about the game included Dave barnett, Michael Johnson, Leon Mann and Jason roberts. Having completed the pilot programme, we have seen how the objectives identified by the steering group can be equally valuable in other sports. In particular, the benefits of seeing current and ex-professional players cultivate an understanding of the business elements of the game, whilst setting them up for careers in the sport long after their active playing careers have ended are aspects that transcend sport. As such, the governance forum will now be working with The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) and others to bring on The board across sport.

The Process

The process of selection will involve the completion of an application form, attendance at the orientation event, short-listing and selection. The course is then delivered over five half-days every first Wednesday of the month, whilst the course is being delivered participants will be paired with mentors who have extensive board experience and potential board appointments will be sourced.

There will be further information about the process of signing up in the coming weeks but in the meantime can you please diary the following dates. The venue will be St George’s Park Football Centre.

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