Our aim is to always have a positive impact on the composition and diversity of boards across the private, public and voluntary sectors. Our programmes help to create a pool of competent and able board members from a range of backgrounds but with a particular focus on age, gender and ethnicity and a route to securing appropriate appointments.



“An organisations success or failure depends on the performance of its board, yet the majority of directors have no special training for their role and are unsure about quite what it entails.” bob Garatt in ‘The Fish rots from the Head’

The Effective Board Member (EBM) Programmes are a series of programmes designed to equip those people who want to contribute to the leadership of an organisation by becoming board members. The programmes are delivered by experienced facilitators who have real and practical experience on boards and all share the ability to communicate these experiences clearly and concisely.

By partnering with organisations like the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP), The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), The Football Association (FA), Edinburgh Napier University, The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) and Birmingham Future, we have been able to create outstanding programmes catering for the specific needs of women, young professionals, footballers, cricketers and other sports people.

Successful graduates of the programmes have been able to secure appointments as school governors, a local councilor and on the boards of local and national charities and housing associations. Several participants have also been able to make a direct link in their career development once they completed the course.

There are several other benefits to the programmes including enhancing skills in neuro-linguistic programming, networking and presentation skills that compliment the Governance Certificate Courses.