Graduate Profile – Oshor Williams

Oshor Williams

is a former Professional Footballer who after retiring through injury in 1989 became the Community Development Officer for Preston North End. After a brief spell in management, he returned to full time study gaining a BA Honours in Politics and History and went on to teach in the Further Education Sector before joining the PFA in 1996. As PFA Assistant Director of Education, his role is to ensure that both current and former members have access to as many education and training opportunities as possible in preparation for life after football. He also coordinates the PFA ‘Making the Transition’ programme which enables players to plan for the future and explore their second career options. He also sits on the Executive Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions and is a driving force behind the PFA “Achievement through Sport “project which, with the support of the Union Leaning Fund aims to promote the learning agenda throughout the Association.

If you would like to meet Oshor or have an informal chat about his suitability please call us on 0845 505 1875.

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