- The governance programme exclusively for CEOs and board members -

The governance programme exclusively for CEOs and board members!




As a CEO or board member you are in a unique position when contributing to the board of your organisation.

Additional benefits of the EBM Programme include:

The bespoke Lead The Board Programme will help consolidate what you know about:  

  1. How to apply key governance principles in the boardroom;
  2. Understanding corporate governance codes and how to apply them; 
  3. Applying the principles behind strategy, internal control and risk; 
  4. Willful Blindness, Black Swans and generative governance; 
  5. How to prepare to scrutinise and challenge the executive team; 
  6. How, as CEO to prepare for challenge and scrutiny in the boardroom. 
  • Access to the talent pipeline of potential board members
  • Market your board and committee vacancies 
  • Opportunity to take the Diversity in the Boardroom Pledge  
  • Training for your staff, executive team and board members 
  • Access to a peer network of CEOs and board members across the private, public and voluntary sectors

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other board members and CEOs in an exclusive setting, share best practice, undertake practical board scenarios to prepare you and play The Board Game which will help to consolidate your application and learning.

This Programme is a must for CEOs and board members across all sectors.

To celebrate the On The Board Graduation for Footballers

Be there...

"If you want to hear from great speakers, network with your peers and work more effectively with your board and chair, this Programme is for you."

Karl George MBE

Managing Director at the governance forum and 

Creator of Effective Board Member Programmes

We look forward to welcoming you on the exclusive Effective Board Member Programme for CEOs and board members!

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