Lead The Board

Lead The Board follows the Advanced Certificate Course. This programme targets professional women who have the vision to contribute to a more balanced demographic of board composition across the private, public and voluntary sectors. The programme is aimed at directors, senior executives and individuals with non-executive experience. The public and voluntary sectors do much better on diversity than the private sector in a number of areas. However, they do have some way to go and board appointments in this sector can be the stepping-stone for entry to the FTSE Boards.



Lead The Board

Lead The Board (Open) is designed for those people who would like to contribute to the governance and leadership of an organisation by becoming a board member.

The programme is aimed at senior executives who would like to gain non-executive experience and those who may already be board members but who do not have any formal governance related qualifications. Similarly, if you already sit on a board but have not received training to assist you in understanding what makes a board member effective, this course is for you.



On The Board

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) is the main sponsor of On The Board, together with The Football Association (FA). By working with the governance forum, they are providing a unique opportunity for current and ex-players to broaden their experience, which is crucial to equipping them with skills to further their career after playing. This programme will also help boards to benefit from the ambassadorial experience that players have that is lacking on boards of all persuasions.


Young Leaders

Get On The Board

Created to enhance the leadership opportunities for young people, Get On The Board offers students the opportunity to increase their governance knowledge.

Many boardrooms lack the influential voice of young people who can bring contemporary views to the table of any organisation. This course helps young people to enhance their professional networks and provides them with leadership skills that are not ordinarily taught on conventional leadership or personal development courses. With the focus on corporate governance, Get On The Board offers a unique opportunity to rise to the top, stand out and lead!

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